To Faithfully Execute

Domestic terrorism, both imported and home grown, is unchecked in the streets of America following a nuclear attack on western water sources.  General Pug Connor is invited to New Zealand to meet with the ultra secret Cloister, an international group of former world leaders who are intent on changing the course of history. At home, politicians fight even harder for the formation of the Republic of Western America and many western states seek to join California in secession.

Pug faces his internal demons, trying to determine what kind of man he is and how he will respond as the warrior in him is unleashed. The Cloister has forced Pug to confront the toughest decision of his career: is he a patriot or a traitor? Is he a killer or the director of a government intelligency agency? His growing love for Senator Rachel McKenzie makes his choices much tougher.

But Pug's deputy director, Carlos Castro, a retired Marine Corps Command Sergeant Major, faces no such conflict. He fully understands his nature: he is a stone cold, instinctive killer, single handedly seeking to rid the world of evil one terrorist at a time when he is called upon To Faithfully Execute!

State of Rebellion

A runaway federal government . . .
               Western states in revolt . . .
                               California ready to secede . . .
                                               Martial law in Sacramento . . .
                                                              America in a . . .
State of Rebellion!!!

Daniel Rawlings is a twelfth generation American whose ancestors fought in the Civil War and aided in the settlement of California, Padraig "Pug" Connor is a Marine Corps colonel who is assigned by the president to investigate the secessionist movement in California.  With a growing economy exceeding that of many third world nations, an independent Republic of California could become a major economic and political player on the world stage.  When the Western Patriot Movement becomes involved, insurrection is at hand and America is not the land our Founding Fathers intended.



Uncivil Liberties

A new president . . .
               A hijacked civilian airliner . . .
                             Follow the plane . . . or shoot it down . . .
                                               Domestic terrorism brings America . . .
                                                              to a state of  . . .
Uncivil Liberties!!!

On inauguration day, 2013, President Clay Cumberland assumes office and is immediately advised that a hijacked commercial airliner is headed for Washington D.C. He has only two choices: allow the plane to choose its target and potentially kill thousands of people on the ground, or authorize the Air Force to shoot down a civilian airliner and kill 350 innocent people. Either answer could end his presidency.

At the direction of the president, Marine Corps General Pug Connor's task force, code named 'Trojan,' faces domestic terrorism on a scale unimagined . . . and some of the terrorists are Americans. Congress panics, passing the expanded Domestic Tranquility Act, approving unprecedented authority to law enforcement and private security corporations. Everyday Americans learn the cost of freedom versus security. And when a nuclear disaster dwarfs the events of 9/11, America runs rampant with Uncivil Liberties!

State of Rebellion  |  Uncivil Liberties  |  To Faithfully Execute | Blood and Treasure  |  Triple Diamond

#1 Kindle Bestseller Political Thrillers
Sept 2010

Triple Diamond

When a forty year old Soviet plot leads to a deadly nuclear mishap with an American guided missile cruiser, U.S.S. Cherokee, accompanied by a New Zealand naval ship, HMNZS Northlands, there is international outcry against the US. Zach O'Brien, a young captain with the National Security Agency, is assigned to find out who's responsible before the nations escalate to WWIII.
O'Brien tries to maintain control among the world's military forces and intelligence agencies, but things get out of hand as military forces are required to withdraw from the Middle East, and a second war with Iraq begins. O'Brien hopes to stop Silent Wind and restore confidence among America's allies, while preserving his integrity. The task seems impossible and the enemy is every bit as ruthless as O'Brien is committed.

". . . may be his best yet." Jeff Needle, AML Book Review

"One of the most releastic pictures of the issues that trouble westerners that I've seen." Jenny Hansen, Meridian Magazine

"Shades of John LeCarre, Ludlum, and Forsyth. I am greatly impressed." Michael ffolliett-Foster, The Caxton Press, New Zealand
"Triple Diamond is a great read that will hold you spellbound." Blaine Yorgasen, Author







A writer of skill and originality -                Midwest Book Review

Blood and Treasure

Continuing the dynamic story of America under seige. From the halls of Congress to the battle in the streets, politicians scurry to choose sides between the growing and dominant Republic of Western America and the established, but increasingly weakened United States of America.

Pug Connor, now Chief Executive Officer of Stragic Initiatives and covertly under guidance from the Cloister, a cadre of former international leaders intent on assuring the world is no longer run by corporate corruption and willing politicians, extends the search for terrorists to include the upper echelons of world government.

Senator Rachel McKenzie discovers that the man she has come to love is not the person she once thought and is brought to a difficult decision as she rejects his new found roll in fighting world terrorism.

Carlos Castro, continuing to serve as Pug's field operations manager and deadly assassin, faces perhaps his deadliest enemy yet: himself.

Blood and Treasure, Book Four of the Pug Connor Novels, keeps the reader enthralled from start to finish.



Spring 2012