"Political thrillers are in my blood.  They're more real, than fiction."

Pug Connor

Gordon Ryan's novels include the newly released Pug Connor series, State of Rebellion, Uncivil Liberties, To Faithfully Execute, and Blood and Treasure, with more adventures to follow.

About the Author
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A writer of skill and originality -                Midwest Book Review

The Pug Connor novels portray an America under seige by terrorists, both foreign and domestic, and also from corporate greed which forces

Congress to pass laws that restrict the freedom of everyday Americans. Are we threatened by terrorists or from within the halls of Congress?

When the western states have had enough, they vote to form their own nation, bringing America to the brink of civil war.

Introducing Kate Gordon
as the Pen Name of authors Gordon Ryan and Kate Armitage.
They have combined their efforts to create a new
action fantasy romance series.
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"When a woman says she loves a man more than her own life, it's understood she's speaking metaphorically. But then, she just might be serious!"